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CineProtect Filters

Let the light in while keeping the stones out.

Ultra clear optical filters for 4x5.65" and 4x4" camera matte boxes.

Specifically designed for situations where the lens is in danger; when mounted on vehicles or drones, when shooting stunts, crashes and explosions, or whenever sand, dust, paint, food and other debris could get in to the lens causing permanent damage.

CineProtect Filters are the best way to keep your lenses protected when filming in challenging environments.

Outstanding optical performance 

Anti-reflective - Less than 1.6% reflection.

Over 98% light transmission.

Blocks 99% of UV light.

Optical coatings.

High-tech acrylic material - costs about 80% less than glass alternatives

Tests and image comparisons

Move the slider by dragging it to the left and right.

You should notice that there is virtually zero difference between the first two images; No Filter vs CineProtect Filter. Even at 1:1 zoom, sharpness, exposure, and colour is maintained. You may notice some variations in the metal surround as people were moving around behind the camera.

In the second comparison; CineProtect Filter vs Clear Glass Filter, it doesn't even require a 1:1 zoom to establish that CineProtect Filters are superior. Moving the slider to the left and right reveals that the glass filter noticeably darkens exposure and introduced a green tint. 

No Filter vs. CineProtect Filter

CineProtect Filter vs. Industry standard glass alternative

All test images taken with Panasonic GH5, Metabones SpeedBooster ULTRA 0.71x, Zeiss CP2 25mm T2.1 @ T5.6, 1/40s, W.bal 5200K. Distance approx 2"6'.

Images have been aligned to provide a clean comparison. No other editing, colouring, or sharpening has been applied.

Customer Review

"I bought a 10-pack of these for a shoot up north in Sweden. We shot 5 days mid January with temperatures from -20C to -33C. We started out using Tiffen Clear filters but soon switched to Cineprotect Filters only. We found them easier to keep clean and that they also stayed clean longer. We could not see any disadvantages in the footage, it all came out looking really good. Here is a short edit of some of the footage. There is a mix of the filters in the film but mostly the Cineprotect Filters."

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